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My, My.....

2010-07-04 18:59:38 by TheDaveAngle

Hello again newgrounds.

I see many unfamiliar names in my old haunts and wonder what I may have missed during my absence.

And we're back!

2009-10-11 07:55:35 by TheDaveAngle

Yup, to whoever is interested enough to bother reading this, I'm coming back in, so expect to see me around the Art Forum.

So what I've been up to:

Working on my three-days-a-week course.

Been practicing anatomy and facial structure, I've figured I'm going to get my art style as realistic as is possible for me.

Been learning how to render artwork effectively, trying to get a more realistic tone in colour.

My last computer totally asploded so I built a new one.

I got the Adobe creative Suite (CS3 edition), photoshop, illustrator etc. I'm still getting to grips with them, so if anyone can give me some tips on working with them, online manuals or tutorials I'd appreciate it greatly if you could direct me.

In terms of medium I've decided that I'm gonna be going for a comic book/graphic novel style, and since the story thread of Sentinels: Operation Leviathan didn't work out I've been setting up the foundations for a polished version using everthing that did get made in the said story thread, so if you submitted anything there expect to see it in final cut. but if you don't want me to use it, or want recognition just P.M me saying so.

I reckon I've gotten a bit better since I started, but obviously I'm still a total Novice. But whatever! I'll do my best to increase my skill.

Gonna be busy for a while.

2009-09-02 08:20:55 by TheDaveAngle

I'm probably going to be starting a course soon, so I won't be around as much as I used to be due to studying, travelling, working, inevitable money troubles and mostly just being downright exhausted. So if you see me around here I've either got a free moment or I'm just procrastinating.

I'm sad that I probably won't have as much time as I used to around here, but I'll check in every now and then, and submit stuff whenever I can.

Much love babes.


: Pic semi-related.

Gonna be busy for a while.

Sentinel Program, Operation Leviathan.

2009-08-08 13:05:46 by TheDaveAngle

Sentinels / Subjects / Talon (Alex Brooke) / programs / preliminary re-animation / routine / execute.


Estimated awakening time: 12 Solar days

Estimated awakening date: 20th August

Operation Leviathan is now active.


Unfortunately the story thread is progressing at a very sluggish pace, But nevermind, maybe more support will arrive at a later date, if It doesn't just die outright.

Sentinel Program, Operation Leviathan.

Upcoming story thread.

2009-07-27 05:47:40 by TheDaveAngle

I've been thinking of making my own story thread for a while now, and recently user Memb submitted some space-themed shots to The Never Ending Journey 2, so I felt inspired to start it up, I feel that if I leave it for too long it may just feel like a spin-off or rip-off of the direction TNEJ2 is taking currently, So I will begin production of this Story thread that will be called:

Leviathon: Space adventure (old name)

As I've been developing story I've come up with a more suitable title, it will now be called.

Sentinels: Operation Leviathon

It will feature a protagonist called Alex Brooke, the theme will be fairly serious and possibly somewhat adult.

I encourage users to join in, however I do ask that anyone who wishes to contribute offer their utmost best input, the purpose of this thread is to help users better themselves as artists by showing the height of their skills and what they can do with a situation to help expand plot, characters and work to improve their own artistic skills.

I should have the beginning up in about a week or two, first of all though I have to improve my own skills, it may be up sooner, But only once I've made a few first shots to establish the beginning of the story and hopefully interest potential contributors.

Oh yeah, and once it is finished completely I'm considering making a graphic novel, which I will then have printed and then I will send a copy to each of the devoted contributors if there are any.

Note: I will be employing some very experimental methods in this story thread, I have some story intended for the main character, that will take place amongst the action, So therefore I will steer events and story to compliment the main character, but not so drastically that it affects or diseregards the input and creativity of other users, Another instance is how the "Character party" will only have a maximum number of three members, with new potential party characters being introduced after an exsisting character hs left or been killed, with a character concept piece and a bio, detailing their past, qualifications and abilities. And also, if they are Alien there should include a description of their race, culture, racial abilities etc.

There is a chance however that I could end up doing this in the Style of ScottMale24's Epic Quest, not as likely, but if extra contribution is low or low quality I will simply do the artwork myself and allow other users to suggest what actions the team will take in the next frame.

Here's a little teaser pic. So we all know what kind of results to expect :D

Upcoming story thread.

A bit about me...

2009-07-25 19:05:30 by TheDaveAngle

Hey gang, I figured I'd tell you a little bit about myself.

Name- David: Yeah my name is obviously David, but I prefer Dave for short.

Age- 19

Nationality- British

Personality- I'm a very calm guy, a lot of people find me very approachable, and once I get to know them a bit better I can get people to laugh pretty often. I always need to be occupied and I'm always practising craft hobbies (I'm very practical with my hands), I can hardly sit still for more then five minutes without getting up and doing something constructive, whether it's putting up a shelf or making new friends, sometimes I may come off as an asshole, but it's due to an exciteable nature,(leaping without looking).
I've been told that I am one of the most loyal friends a man or woman could ever have, But I've also been told that I am one of the worst enemies a man or woman could ever have.

Temperament- Calm most of the time, but i've been known to suddenly rise up in powerful bouts of rage and anger when provoked, that earned me the nickname "Sleeping Dragon" when I was still at school (Aw man those were great times).

Zodiac Sign, Libra- Actually it does affect my nature quite alot! The Zodiac symbols are a passion of mine, you don't need to know every detail about us Libras' but the main points of us are:

-Fair-minded, values peace, Voice of Reason.

-Rarely lazy.

-Positive and decisive in thoughts and actions.

-Strive for balance and Harmony.

Favorite Colour- Blue

Interests- Music, Art, Theatre, Film, Photography, Video games, Cider, Exercise and finally Friendship.

First visit to Newgrounds- I first came to NG back in 2001 when I followed a link to the game "Pico's School" from the FHM website's "100 greatest online games", I really should of made an account back then. But I'm still glad I clicked that link all those years ago.


2009-06-29 13:43:22 by TheDaveAngle

I'm still practising my artwork even though I haven't submitted much since the "So there I was" story thread ground to an unfortunate halt, yesterday I made a new addition to my wooden sword collection, which I am very pleased with, if anyone would like to give me a suggestion for a design I would be happy to attempt it when I have some free time.

NOTE: I want to get my hands on some Olea laurifolia, also known as Black Ironwood or Leadwood, it's an incredibly dense and strong hardwood, not having much luck though since it is expensive, but if anyone can point me in the direction to obtaining some please speak up.

Also, any other swords I make I will be posting on NG in my news posts and also in the Wooden sword thread in the Art Forums.


Michael Jackson

2009-06-25 19:27:54 by TheDaveAngle

I don't what to believe about Michael Jackson but all I hope for him is that, in death, he will find the peace he was denied in life.

Now we gotta sit through around two months of bloody awful MJ death jokes. FUCK.

Art Portal!?

2009-06-17 18:17:35 by TheDaveAngle

Well it looks like NG is definitely going to be the place where I'm going to spend my time as I embark on my journey to become a decent Artist.